Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek in Las Vegas

This year, for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we went boldly and bigger than ever in Vegas. Usually, we do one craft per Star Trek convention and reach about 50-100 people depending on supplies and attendance. This year, thanks to CBS and Creation Entertainment, we had a table in the Promenade area of the convention Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We did 3-4 crafts a day at set times and had coloring pages out in between the crafts. Overall, we were able to reach more people and had lots of new attendees. The experiment worked! I can't tell you how many times I heard positive feedback from parents looking for activities to do with their children. I had countless adults tell me how relaxing it was to just sit and do a project amongst the chaos and sensory overload of the convention. I want to take a moment to thank some special people who helped out, whether it was taking photos, assisting with crafts or just moving tables. I even want to thank Paul and Michelle Harvath, as well as Karen Kenedy who swung by and brought me coffee throughout the event. I didn't have Connor Bright with me as she was just coming off of working a Halloween convention in Long Beach where she did crafts and represented GGP.  Big thanks to Sue Harwood, Amy Imhoff, Nick Duguid, Corinne, Caroline, John Van Citters, John Champion and lastly, Willy McCauley, my right-hand man for the event. I also want to thank all my regulars who came by each day to participate, particularly, Dillon, Connor and Janice! You guys rock. The smiles on everyone's faces are what make doing this so worthwhile. If you had a great time, all I ask is that you let Creation Entertainment know how worthwhile this kind of experience is. I know you have a lot of choices at the convention and I am grateful you worked Glue Guns and Phasers into your busy con schedule. I am happy and humbled. Here are some photos from Star Trek Las Vegas. There will be more to come and instructions for some of the crafts posted here. 


Boldly glue….
Glue Guns & Phasers Crafting Corner at the start of the day.

Beautiful cosplayer who made her outfit. So cute!

Nick and Willy, my amazing helpers.

Coloring underway.

Willy, Corrine and myself after day one.

Janice has attended every crafting workshop.

Trouble with Tribbles 50th ornament using plastic cups.

Delta shield string art. 

Star Trek gift tags using stamps

Pearler bead keychains were so popular last year
we brought this project back again! 

Travis was the cutest and his Dad was so nice.
Look at the masterpiece he created.

Travis is scanning his craft.

Sledgehammer Rihanna even made an appearance.

Delta shield earrings made from paperclips

Iron-fused plastic bag placemats.

Paper ornaments made from bar coasters.

Making Star Trek luggage tags, another popular craft we did
before. With so many new people it was fun to bring it back!