Friday, March 6, 2015

Chris Gore Teaches Us About Comedic Cosplay and Upcycles Old T-Shirts

We've known Chris Gore for a few years now and we've admired that he's a man who knows his way around a glue gun. You may know Chris from his popular segment, DVDuesday on Attack of The Show on G4 or from the magazine Film Threat. These days, he's crashing people's podcasts from Delta Vega to Las Vegas on a show called PodCrash. He even crashed my DVD review show, DVD Geeks, twice!

Everytime I've been to Chris' place, I've noticed that he takes the labels off of products and replaces them with cool Batman labels. He also has an interesting way of converting plastic spray bottles into Star Wars and Batman icons. Chris has an Etsy account, he openly crafts and makes a lot of his cosplay pieces by hand, so Chris seemed like the perfect recruit to come aboard on an away mission with us.

Chris attends a ton of conventions and always has something creative on. In our 8th episode, he teaches us how to preserve the design of an old worn-out t-shirt by transforming in into a completely new outfit. At Glue Guns and Phasers we love a good upcycling project, so we beamed down to his "Bat-tio" for this fun tutorial and to hear about his work. 

Star Trek Tote Bags Coming Soon!

Hey folks!
We just wrapped an episode with the talented and lovely Brittnee Braun of Brittnee Braun Designs. I met her at Comic Con a few years back and was happy to hear she launched a new DIY business. She makes awesome geek-centric mini skirts for kids and adults of all ages and sizes. She even made my skirt that I'm wearing in the episode, which is pictured botton left. We don't want to share all her trade secrets, so in the episode Brittnee teaches our audience how to use scraps of fabric left from the skirts to make fun Trek tote bags. I find this to be an extremely practical craft as we have the plastic bag ban in the city of Los Angeles. I'm always looking for fun and festive bags to express my personality. Be on the lookout for this video in the coming weeks. You can check out some of Brittnee's work here and she'll be at Wondercon in April at the Annaheim Convention Center.